Crowdsourcing Sustainability

How to Decarbonize a City by 2030! (Ithaca, NY)

April 19, 2022 Ryan Hagen Season 1 Episode 25
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
How to Decarbonize a City by 2030! (Ithaca, NY)
Show Notes

For this Crowdsourcing Sustainability webinar, we are joined by Luis Aguirre-Torres & Rebecca Evans. 

Luis and Rebecca are in charge of designing and implementing the Ithaca Green New Deal, which focuses on two main areas: city-wide decarbonization by 2030 and climate justice. 

They are taking a unique, innovative approach to getting this done, leveraging public and philanthropic funds to unlock large amounts of private capital to decarbonize the city at low or no cost to citizens. 

0:00 Intros
1:57 Luis & Rebecca's climate stories.
5:00 The story of how Ithaca passed its Green New Deal.
11:28 Where should people getting started focus their time and energy? 
18:30 Vision & goals of Ithaca's GND.
24:50 Roadmap & elevating social capital.
33:20 Determining your community's greenhouse gas emissions inventory.
36:50 What types of organizations are needed for this to succeed?
43:30 The innovative financial model created to fund the initiative.
54:40 What this electrification & retrofitting initiative looks like from your average citizens' perspective.
59:36 What do people need to do/understand to replicate Ithaca's ambition and successes to date?
Q&A Section:
1:04:05 How can the average person get involved?
1:07:12 Challenges/strategies on securing buy-in from city staff.
1:11:14 Cornell's energy tool.
1:13:10 The transportation side of the plan.
1:18:52 Embedded emissions from consumption.
1:21:00 Building retrofit and electrification checklist.
1:22:45 Luis & Rebecca's call to action.

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