Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Making an Effective Climate Action Plan for Your Community

August 11, 2022 Ryan Hagen Season 1 Episode 26
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
Making an Effective Climate Action Plan for Your Community
Show Notes

For this Crowdsourcing Sustainability webinar, we were joined by Adrienne Greve and Michael Boswell to talk about how to create and implement local climate action plans.

Michael Boswell and Adrienne Greve are Professors of City & Regional Planning at California Polytechnic State University and co-authors of the book: "Climate Action Planning: A Guide to Creating Low-Carbon, Resilient Communities". The book is “intended to be a practical guide, helping readers navigate the principal actions and critical considerations for managing a climate action planning process in their communities.” 

Michael and Adrienne have done climate action work internationally with the United Nations and the World Bank. They've also worked on dozens of climate action plans professionally in California. And they have researched extensively the state of climate action planning in the US, as well as published studies based on that research. 

(You can check out their excellent book here:

0:00 Intro
1:33 Adrienne & Michael’s climate stories
7:05 What is a climate action plan?
10:07 Why they wrote the book & how they collected data from around the world
15:30 Where local climate action planning stands in the US
20:55 Towns and cities that are leading the way around the world
36:55 The most important areas for citizens to focus on (building political will, building partnerships, education, and co-benefits) & messaging that works
48:18 How to get started (local government perspective)
53:50 Common problems and advice to avoid them
58:05 Letting go of guilt and finding joy in the process
1:05:30 Making the economic case for action
1:11:00 How do you get money to do this stuff and allocate it effectively?
1:14:15 Strategies to accelerate implementation and account for real results
1:16:40 Adrienne and Michael's final thoughts

Links from Adrienne:
CA Adaptation Planning Guide:
Georgetown Climate Center:
EU taxonomy:
Resilience Dividend (and Rockefeller):
City of Portland:
World Resources Institute:
City of Boulder:
City of San Luis Obispo:

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