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Better Climate Stories & Narratives = A Better Future with Damon Gameau

October 14, 2021 Ryan Hagen Season 1 Episode 16
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
Better Climate Stories & Narratives = A Better Future with Damon Gameau
Show Notes

I was fortunate enough to speak with someone who is a master storyteller. Someone who has thought deeply about societal narratives and telling a better climate story for years: Damon Gameau.

Damon is an award-winning actor and director widely known for "That Sugar Film" which is the all-time highest-grossing documentary in Australia.

But his latest documentary, 2040, may be my favorite climate doc to date. With a touch of humor, great visuals, and highlighting people scaling up today’s climate solutions, Damon paints a hopeful picture of what the world could be in 2040 - a world that his 7-year-old daughter, Velvet, will someday inherit.

0:00 Intro
1:10 Damon's climate journey
4:45 Where did the idea for 2040 come from?
12:15 Damon's tips for talking about climate change with others
18:20 Behind the scenes: what it was like making the film & lessons learned
22:00 The unimaginable speed of climate action & meaningful jobs over the next decade.
25:00 Donut economics explained
30:15 (Much needed) advice for media and journalists on covering climate.
31:30 The importance of stories (we're all storytellers). How art & stories shape culture - which decides what ideas live or die
36:00 How Damon talks to his young daughter about climate
40:35 The 2040 community and impact campaign
45:00 How to join the 2040 community & make an action plan
50:45 Where/how to watch 2040
53:10 Book recommendations
56:20 Damon's final call to action

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And a huge thank you to Diego Rentsch for editing as always!

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