Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Corporate Climate Action with Nate Aden

December 02, 2021 Ryan Hagen Episode 18
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
Corporate Climate Action with Nate Aden
Show Notes

In this episode with Nate Aden, we cover the importance of companies setting science-based targets, what employees can do to jumpstart the process, the role of the financial industry in climate action, net-zero, and more!

Nate is the Finance Sector Lead at the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

0:00 Intro
1:40 Nate's climate story.
5:30 The Science Based Target Initiative's origin story and theory of change.
8:20 SBTi's exponential growth.
10:00 Five high-level criteria for assessing targets.
14:30 What the process is like for companies and/or employees spearheading the effort.
20:00 What happens after companies set their targets?
23:50 What is the annual rate of emission reductions that the targets translate to?
28:00 Biggest hurdles companies are facing and how to overcome them
31:30 How to start collecting data on scope 3 emissions
34:15 Three tips for employees for getting your company to sign up/get on board.
38:25 Where does the financial industry stand today? And where do they need to get to?
46:15 Tools & tech that can help financial institutions integrate a climate lens for their investment and lending decision making.
57:00 Opportunities to build on SBTi's work.
58:50 Divesting vs. engaging.
101:30 Net-zero & greenwashing. 
1:12:00 No more investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure. 2030 & 2040 investing deadlines for investing in existing FF infrastructure.
1:15:35 Book recommendations and Nate's final message!

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Scope 3 evaluator tool:

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