Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Climate Solutions at Work with Jamie Beck Alexander

January 07, 2022 Ryan Hagen Season 1 Episode 20
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
Climate Solutions at Work with Jamie Beck Alexander
Show Notes

In today's episode with Jamie Beck Alexander we cover what a company that's truly leading on climate actually looks like - and what employees can do to help them get there. As well as diving into climate migration, advice for parents, thoughts on net-zero, accelerators, and much more!

Jamie is the Director of Drawdown Labs which is the arm of Project Drawdown that’s helping corporations to maximize their positive impact on the climate using every lever of influence that they have. 

0:00 Intro
1:15 Jamie's climate story
6:25 Project Drawdown & Drawdown Labs
9:35 Theory of change
12:54 Where are companies today and where do they need to get to?
21:05 Stories of companies taking effective climate action beyond direct emissions.
26:40 How many companies actually are looking beyond emissions right now? 
30: 25 Advice for employees to get their employers to lead? What steps should they take?
34:35 Advice for people who are nervous to speak up at work.
37:20 How do you get buy-in from leadership as an entry-level employee?
41:30 How can Chief Sustainability Officers tap into help from motivated employees around the org?
45:00 What should people understand about net-zero? 
50:25 Climate is pro-life. Trying to connect with people on core values.
54:38 Advice for parents raising kids and talking to kids when it comes to climate.
59:00 Jamie's family deciding to leave California because of wildfires. And mass migration in the future.
1:02:00 In a perfect world, what would we be doing to prepare for the coming mass migration?
1:04:45 Climate solution accelerators - what are they and why do they matter?
1:09:40 Favorite books.
1:12:00 Jamie's final message to folks!

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